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As a first-generation Australian, with no Australian ancestors at all, I first came to this part of the world in the late 1980s via England.  I officially migrated to Australia in the early 1990s, on my own.  None of my family members were in Australia at the time and never even visited here.

My husband's Australian connections go back several generations.  His parents were both born in Australia.  Three of his grandparents were first-generation Australians via Italy.

My husband's paternal grandmother, Josephine, was born in Australia.  Her parents were first-generation migrants, also via Italy.

My husband is therefore three parts a third-generation Australian and one part a fourth-generation Australian, or even more.   All his grandparents became Australian citizens, or at least British subjects in Australia, long before he was born.

Josephine's mother, arrived in Australia as a child. Josephine's maternal grandparents, two great uncles and at least one great, great grandparent also migrated to Australia. 

Josephine's father arrived in Australia as a young man, escaping conscription in Italy.  He could not read or write but he became a very good businessman.

With evidence certainly available to confirm Josephine's maternal great-grandfather, Giacomo, being in Australia around 1882, that would suggest my husband's Australian connection goes back six generations. 

Do you have Italian Australian ancestry from the 1880s?

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