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Hello to all visitors to this blog, especially those willing and able to assist with my research. How do you usually relate to the worldwide genealogical community?  Are you one of my relatives at all?

I hope you may find all four of my blogs of some benefit to you, too.  Mutual assistance is something I always encourage. 


There are still quite a few questions I am yet to answer about my own family history.  As you read through Ancestors Within, you may discover that you can help me to find some answers.

I hope this blog will also help you to find the answers you are currently seeking.  Why are your questions of importance to you?


As an "amateur" genealogist, most of the research methods I use are of the free or very cheap variety. My local library provides free access to genealogical resources otherwise only available by subscription.

In addition, many lovely people I have managed to contact through my research, or who have contacted me through this blog, have provided plenty of highly relevant and accurate information free of charge, for which I will be eternally grateful.

I hope Ancestors Within shows that there are many ways to approach family history investigations on a minimal budget.  It is often a time consuming "occupation", but one with deeply satisfying emotional rewards that I cannot yet explain.

Independence, creativity, credibility and courtesy

All the family history research I do is through my own choice.  My research is not funded by anyone other than myself and I have clear, personal priorities about what I wish to discover.

I do not endorse any products, publications or broadcast media.  Nor do I advocate any particular method of research except for accurate reasoning - that is a skill we all need to develop and maintain throughout our lives!

For the benefit of other unpaid family historians, I am willing, from time to time, to place free links from Ancestors Within to websites about commercial genealogical products and services.  Even so, I do not provide reviews or endorsements.  Please do not contact me merely to ask that I promote your business.

If your commercial product or service is mentioned in this blog, I hope you will be willing to provide some sort of acknowledgement as a courtesy.  You may also wish to provide a donation to at least one of the not-for-profit historical societies likely to benefit my research. 

A friendly approach to being of service

I like to encourage people to form their own opinions, based on good evidence.  That in itself is the main service I hope I provide through Ancestors Within.

If you can be of any assistance to me, or something I have written has been of assistance to you or your organisation, please let me know.

My email address:   
writetovia  (at)  gmail . com

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